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Color Your Way Through Time

Color Your Way Through Time


Cartoonist Pilliard Dickle is best known for the unusual poster calendars he draws. Each one is based on a different theme, such as castles, palaces, ships, pyramids, trains and planets. The Associated Press describes Dickle's calendars as "a yearlong trip through a cartoon fantasy land."

Pilliard Dickle is not only the artist's pen name (his real name is Joe Chandler) but a character in his own calendars - a sort of chronological Marco Polo on a mission is to explore the future and make detailed drawings of the years he discovers.

Each of Dickle's calendars is accompanied by a story. It's the artist's illustrated diary of his travels through time. The calendars are set in a land called Calendaria, populated by a cast of characters with names like Captain Navaron Tyme, Sonny Day and his wife Doris (no relation) and The Daybreaker, who goes from year to year stealing Tuesdays. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution describes the calendars as "forms of creative fiction," adding that looking over one is "somewhat akin to reading a picaresque novel."

Color Your Way Through Time is a coloring book 35 years in the making. Includes calendars plus pages from the artist's diary he keeps as he travels through time exploring a land called Calendaria. Whether you color or not, it's a fun book to read and explore.

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